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Mornings at Trillium---whispering breezes in the pine trees, rustling leaves of oaks and maples, farm sounds of sheep, chickens, cows, goats, ducks and geese (known affectionately as our guard geese because they let us know whenever anything happens by “honking”).  The songbirds begin each day with their individual calls.  Later in the summer there are the newborn calves wandering the pasture with their mothers.  There are pet bunnies and baby kittens plus several friendly farm cats to cuddle.  Guests can visit with the donkeys, goats and sheep grazing on the green grasses of summer. 

There are acres of woods and fields to explore in any season.  While strolling over the hills, much wildlife can be observed.  Early in April and until the first frost in autumn, there are numerous seasonal wildflowers blooming in profusion.  Early spring and late fall bring the sounds of the seasonal migrations of geese, ducks and songbirds. In the winter, the sharp contrast of the snow makes it is easier to spot foxes, coyotes, wild turkeys, deer, pheasants, eagles, rabbits and other wildlife.

Our original idea in the early 1980’s was to share our family farm with others.  Families enjoy spending time here because over the years fewer and fewer people have relatives on farms.  Finding opportunities to share rural life with the next generation has become increasingly difficult for most people.  In 1984, the first family spent a weekend in the Original Grandma’s Cottage.

“Minnesota Monthly” featured Trillium as a family farm vacation destination in 1995.  The “New York Times” featured Trillium as a true country experience for the entire family in 2000.  “The Ladies Home Journal” featured Trillium as the destination for families in their travel column in 2005.

Three generations of our family live here sharing farm life with guests. The human need to renew contact with the natural world is one of the reasons guests return again and again.  The woods, fields and the variety of livestock and wildlife all provide reasons to “spend time on the farm”. 

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