Trillium Country Cottages


Our cottages are just the beginning of the Trillium experience. Explore our 85 acres that include fields, woods, streams, ponds, and farm life.


Trillium offers an unusual opportunity to relax and unwind in the peaceful beauty of a rural setting on our farm. It is 85-acres of fields, woods and a tree-lined brook. Trillium features two cozy private cottages tucked into the hills of the Kickapoo Valley in southwestern Wisconsin. Located in Vernon County, we are part of the Hidden Valleys/Driftless region in the midst of a thriving Amish community.

Mornings at Trillium

Whispering breezes in the pine trees, rustling leaves of oaks and maples, and the sounds of songbirds. There are acres of woods and fields to explore in any season. While strolling over the hills, much wildlife can be observed. Early in April and until the first frost in autumn, there are numerous seasonal wildflowers blooming in profusion. Early spring and late fall bring the sounds of the seasonal migrations of geese, ducks and songbirds. In the winter, the sharp contrast of the snow makes it is easier to spot foxes, coyotes, wild turkeys, deer, pheasants, eagles, rabbits and other wildlife.


Our private guest cottages are out of sight of one another and each offers expansive views of the farm and the surrounding countryside. Both cottages offer Wi-Fi access and are convenient to our farmhouse and the farm buildings. We do not offer guest accommodations in our farmhouse.

Grandma's Cottage

Grandma’s Cottage

Feels as though the grandma just stepped out the door onto the porch and out into the garden.

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Hill Cottage

Hill Cottage

The Hill Cottage is farther away from the farm buildings and looks out over woods and hills.

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Trillium was created as a way to share farm life with others. Families enjoy spending time here because fewer and fewer people have relatives on farms. Finding opportunities to share rural life with the next generation has become increasingly difficult for most people.


The human need to renew contact with the natural world is one of the reasons guests return again and again. Exploring the woods and fields, and the opportunities to view wildlife are some of the reasons many people like to “spend time on the farm”.

Grandma's Cottage provided a cozy and relaxing stay. The farm eggs and fresh baked goods provided a hearty breakfast. The owners were very warm and hospitable. Highly recommended for those needing to get away from the every day hustle. Also plenty to do nearby such as kayaking, biking, hiking, and horse back riding.
Melissa Kurtz


Breakfast is a favorite part of the Trillium experience. Our family farm offers a basket of breakfast items delivered to your cottage. The basket consists of fresh-baked bread, 'sweet' bakery item, eggs from our chickens and homemade jam/jelly. Trillium recipes and our family farm have been featured in numerous publications for more than two decades. “Best Recipes from American Country Inns and Bed and Breakfasts”, “Mornings Inn Style”, “Specialties of the House” and “Have Breakfast With Us Again” are just a few of the cookbooks where Trillium recipes have been showcased over the years.


Trillium is located on our family farm. In 1984, guests first visited the farm to enjoy the comforts and privacy of a farm cottage. We are located in the Hidden Valleys/Driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin in the midst of a thriving Amish community. The farm is half woods and half fields. While exploring the farm, you may see deer, wild turkeys, foxes, hawks, eagles, rabbits, coyotes, pheasants, songbirds and other wildlife. Guests are welcome to “visit” the variety of farm livestock and to help feed the animals.